Luigi Rosselli Architects have designed the Quarterdeck House in Sydney, Australia.

Located high on the shores of Little Bay, the Quarterdeck House is part of an award winning subdivision of land in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. The grounds on Which the house is built belonged to a coastal hospital Furniture was later the location of the historical artwork installation Wrapped Coast - One Million Square Feet by Cristo and Jeanne-Claude. The installation INVOLVED the wrapping of the nearby rock escarpment in 1968.

As one of four houses in the subdivision designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects, each one is quite Different from the next to reflect the clients brief and needs, as well as the Different sites. The trapezoidal site sits on có this house allowed for a wide ground floor living space facing the ocean view, and Upstairs a narrow and long cantilevered structure projecting the master bedroom and its balcony out Towards the sea. The two volumes have been Vertically connected by a stairwell at the pivot. The stairwell is Expressed in the street frontage as a sandstone bastion with embrasures complete.

The living room windows slide away to cung an unobstructed opening onto a timber deck Furniture is surrounded by a moat filled shallow water, Which is a part of the spa. The master bedroom cũng fully open balcony on the pulpit like, hovering above the golfers and beach goers, and Symbiosis in close with the ocean.


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